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Join people with purpose acting to change the world.

From exploring history to sharing stories, FullCircle helps bring about a sense of continuity, belonging, and purpose.

The Experience

FullCircle is a non-profit global community for virtual Black storytelling, centered on Mother Africa and the Diaspora.

Multilingual and multidisciplinary, it will include all forms of media and serve both individuals (artists, students, seekers) and institutions (museums, libraries, universities).

Forming a bigger picture – of past, present and future – helps storytellers and listeners to discover meaning. This leads to a personal sense of continuity, belonging and purpose.

People with purpose act to change the world.

An immersive multimedia platform

Multilingual and multidisciplinary, FullCircle will include all forms of media and serve individuals and institutions. 

An interactive global community

Libraries and museums collaborate to bring individuals  the tools to research their history and experience different cultures from around the world. 

Introducing FullCircle

Quilt by Ed Johnetta Miller feat Sankofa and tribal African patterns

It began with a quilt

Quilt storytelling and hugging have everything to do with FullCircle. In 2021 we commissioned a quilt from Ed Johnetta Miller, whose gorgeous art hangs in three Smithsonian museums.

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Help bring FullCircle to life

FullCircle is work for all of us to do. We’re looking for people interested in helping to make this idea happen. Here’s how you can contribute:

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