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About Us

Transforming History with Technology

Full Circle is a non-profit global community for virtual Black storytelling, focused on Mother Africa and the Diaspora.

Our Vision

Full Circle will build a digital platform that connects individuals within the African diaspora to their history and culture and allows them to share their stories to build a lasting global community.

Our Mission

  • Present content that documents and teaches the history and cultural impacts of African enslavement
  • Introduce life-changing experiential technologies that allows users to transform themselves and the world
  • Encourage participants to weave and share experiences in multiple media
  • Spread collaboration as a process for social change

You can make a difference

Supporting Full Circle paves the way for the creation of immersive experiences that bring people together and unlock their shared history.

Her DNA results give her a look back. She wants to look ahead

D’Neesha, 34, just got her DNA results. Sixty percent of her makeup is from Benin. She wants to know what people there look like, the music they play and how her forebears lived. On Full Circle, she “tours” Cotonou with a local guide, visits a market, hears a concert, and speaks with elders from her people’s village. They tell her she looks like them.

Build a platform that brings together descendants of slaves and African service providers.

The Diaspora splintered stories that we can now share

Students in Haiti, Los Angeles and Atlanta partner to obtain 3D drone scans of Haitian Revolution sites. The result? Immersive video experiences telling the stories of the Revolution’s impact on the United States. The “Caribverse” emerges, digitally preserving heritage sites and stimulating in-person and virtual tourism.

Create immersive stories to break down the barriers of geography and history.

Colonialism separated what ought to be seen together

An American museum of African art displays only one of an important ceramic pair of figures. Colonialism caused the other to land in a Dutch museum. Through Full Circle, the pair is reunited digitally, each museum displaying one original and one digital twin. Patrons see them “side by side” for the first time in centuries.

Bring together what history took apart so people can learn, enjoy and connect with their pasts.

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